Annual Speakers Day

James Rose - Cal-Orchid
Orchids of Madagascar

Roy Tokunaga - H&R Orchids
Latouria Dendrobiums - Lessons from Phil Spence, The Master

George Hatfield - Hatfield Orchids
Modern Cymbidiums
also Ask the AOS President Q & A

Silent and Live Auctions!
Six Vendors!

Cal-Orchid H&R Orchids Hatfield Orchids
Gold Country Orchids D&D Flowers Paph Paradise

Saturday, July 29, 2017
9 AM - 5PM

$10 in advance, $30 at the Door

Tickets: contact Sue Wedegaertner

American Orchid Society Awards from the Central Valley of California and Northern Nevada

C. purpurata fma. sanguinea 'Phyllis' HCC 78 Paph. rothschildianum 'Graciano' FCC 91 Paphinia Majestic 'Raise The Red Lantern' AM 80
Prom. Chameleon 'Jon' AM 83 Prom. Chameleon 'Jon' CCM 83 V. White Crane 'Hyeland' AM 83

Bulb. dearei 'Waterfield' CCE 93 C. Erin Pelfrey 'Pelfrey's Pick' HCC 78 Clctr. gokusingii 'Blue Ice' CBR C. purpurata 'Ruby' CCM 83 Den. cucumerianum 'Mr. Pickles' CCM 87
Enc. michoacana 'Mem. Bill Janetos' CBR Paph. Jennifer Reinoso 'Zinfandel' HCC 78 Phal. braceana 'In Situ' AM 86 Phrag. warszewiczianum  'Viognier' HCC 79 Rrm. Sycamore Fox 'Oscar Rudolph' HCC 77

Bulb. falcatum var. flavum 'In Situ' CCE95 Bulb.falcatum var. flavum 'In Situ' HCC 78 Crt. macranthum 'Monster AM 80 Cym. Crimson Falls 'Jaybee' AM 81 Cym. Satisfaction 'Jaybee' HCC 78
Paph. Cam's Cloud 'Sherry' AM 82 Paph. rothschildianum 'Tempranillo' AM 88 Sarco. Heidi 'In Situ' AM 81 Sarco. Kulnura Iridessa 'Aussie' AM 83 Sarco. Kulnura Symphony 'Yumi Chan Chan' AM 82

Bulb. cumingii 'In Situ' CCE 90 Bulb. romyi 'In Situ' AM 83 Bulb. romyi 'In Situ' CCM 84

Paph. Coral Rain 'Olorosa' HCC 76

Masd. Bella Donna 'Lia' HCC 79
Paph. rothschildianum 'Paph Paradise Too' FCC 90 Sarco. Amber 'Peaches' AM 80 Tricoglottis triflora 'In Situ' CCM 89 Sacro. Kulnura Symphony 'Jocelyn' AM 82

Show Trophy & Silver Medal 86

Sacramento Orchid Society Show - 4/8/2017

Ang. viguiera 'Malala' AM 85 Rhincs. Jocelyn 'John' AM 80 Lpts. bicolor 'Cindy' AM 80 C. Sierra Doll 'Jocelyn' HCC 78 Cym. Aussie Dollar 'Jaybee' AM 80 Cym. Pacific Sparkle 'Jaybee' AM 80 Cym. Phyllis Hebrard 'Jaybee' AM 83 Ang. viguierii 'Vistamont' CCE 93
Den. vietnamense 'Vistamont' CHM 83 Cym. Joseph Schmidt 'Jaybee' HCC 77 Lpts. bicolor 'Andi K' AM 87 C. Andria Kubo 'Yvonne Zetz' AM 83 Cym. Perky Dove 'Peachy' AM 82 Sarco. Kunama 'Jocelyn' AM 80 Paph. Prime Child 'Josie' AM 82 T. odoratissimum 'In Situ' CCE 92

Den. albosanguineum 'Bonheur' HCC 76 Den. Victorian Blush 'Sevine' AM 82 Den. Victorian Blush 'Sevine' CCM 87 Lc. Coastal Sunrise 'Goodstuff' AM 80
Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Joyce' AM 83 Rlc. Gene Crocker 'Grass Valley' AM 85 Tolu. variegata 'Mary's Ida' AM 80 Show trophy & Silver Certificate 87
Tropical Plant Society of Modesto Show - 4/1/2017

Den. Royal Wings 'Carl Reece' AM 80 Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Vera's Choice' AM 83 Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Vera's Choice' CCM 84
San Joaquin Orchid Society Show - 3/24/2107

Paph. rothschildianum 'Sierra Vista' HCC 77
Central California Orchid Society Show - 3/4/2017

C. Chester 'Arai' HCC 78 C. Minibeau 'Grass Valley' HCC 79 Den. annae 'Bailey's Best' CHM 86 Den. tetragonum 'Davis Delight' HCC 77

Camp. globifera 'Bonheur' CBR C. Petitfleur 'Jocelyn' HCC 76 De. Tarean 'Jocelyn' HCC 78 Paph. fairrieanum var. album 'Dijon' AM 80

C. Circle of Life 'Isabelle' HCC 78 C. Nancy Ann 'Dable' AM 83 Morm. badia 'Joan' CHM 82 Paph. Doctor Pei H. Tsau 'Glycon' HCC 77

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