July 11, 2012
Laelia purpurata var. flammea 'Neal'
CCM 81
Exhibited by Tom Pickford
  Measurements in cm.
 Ns  17.2  nsv  15.0
 Dsw  2.2  dsl  10.2
 Pw  5.0  pl  10.1
 Lsw  2.7  lsl  10.5
 Lipw  4.5  lipl  8.3
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl


 Description: Seventeen flowers robustly displayed on four well-spaced inflorescences on a 13 pseudobulb plant in a 30-cm pot; sepals white, lightly suffused pink; petals white, heavily striated purple; lip basally white, purple veins deep in throat, apically dark purple; substance moderate; texture velvety. Commended for a clean, well-maintained foliage and arresting dispaly of blooms.

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