February 1, 2012
Phragmipedium Paul Eugene Conroy 'Willowcreek'
(Phrag. wallisii x Phrag. longifolium)
HCC 75
Exhibited by Jay Klock
  Measurements in cm.
 Ns  7.0  nsv  31.0
 Dsw  2.1  dsl  10.4
 Pw  1.5  pl  28.0
 Lsw  4.0  lsl  9.9
 Lipw  2.6  lipl  6.4
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl


 Description: One flower and two buds on one inflorescence; sepals light green, dark green venation; petals light green overlaid dark green venation, flushed rose coalescing distally; pouch pale chartreuse overlaid with rose veins, spotted rose internally; substance firm; texture glossy.

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