April 4, 2012
Cymbidium Kelly's Winter 'Phyllis'
(Cym. Winter Wonder x Cym. Lois Kelly)
AM 81
Exhibited by Paul and Phyllis Chim
  Measurements in cm.
 Ns  13.0  nsv  11.0
 Dsw  5.8  dsl  6.5
 Pw  5.0  pl  6.8
 Lsw  5.9  lsl  6.2
 Lipw  4.0  lipl  5.5
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl


 Description: Ten flowers well held on one upright inflorescence; sepals and petals clear bright yellow; lip cream heavily marked distal third burgundy, callus bright yellow lightly spotted burgundy; column yellow overlaid cordovan; substance heavy; texture matte.

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