Celebrate the Umpteenth at the
Umpteenth Annual Speaker's Day
(We've done so many of these I can't rememeber)


Glen Decker - Piping Rock Orchids
Understanding the Cypripedium

Peter Tobias - Orchid Conservation Alliance
Orchid Conservation in Brazil

Steve Beckendorf - AOS Conservation Committee;
Board of Directors
Orchid Conservation Alliance

Orchid Conservation in Colombia and Ecuador

Saturday, Aug 1, 2015
9AM - 5PM
Odd Fellows Hall
1831 Howe Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825

Tickets in advance $10, $20 at the door for sponsoring societies or AOS members;
$25 General Admisssion

Ticket sales from Susan Wedegaertner sgwede@gmail.com

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American Orchid Society Awards from the Central Valley of California and Northern Nevada

Den. Hibiki 'Madame' HCC 76

Den. laevifolium 'D. C. Graham' HCC 78

Eulophia petersii 'California CCE 91

Paph. superbiens 'Howard' AM 81

Schoenorchid fragrans 'In Situ' AM 82


C. Endless Dream 'Davis Rose' HCC 78

C. Purple Jewel 'Grass Valley' AM 80

Onc. Splinter 'Brookside' HCC 78

Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Melencia' AM 83

Phal. Penang Girl 'I Love The Nightlife' AM 82

June 3 2015

Bulb. biflorum 'The Lollipop Twins' AM 84

Ont unnamed hybrid 'Alexander James' HCC 79

Paph. victoria-regina var. kalinae 'Medusa' AM 85

Cym. lowianum 'Compte de Hemptinne' HCC 77

Den. canaliculatum 'Gordonuale Special' AM 80


C. Tahoe Rose 'Mono Lake' HCC 75

Paph. hirsutissimum v. album 'Green Goblin' AM 82

Paph. Gege's Trix 'Roussane' HCC 77

Ctt. Tropical Aurora 'Grass Valley' AM 81

AOS Show Trophy/Silver Medal - Mem. Howard Gunn

Sacramento Orchid Society Show - 4/18/2015

Phal. I-Hsin Sun Beauty 'KH6758 #6' HCC 77

Phal. K. S. Maple 'IS 1234' AM 83

Tropical Plant Society of Modesto Show - 4/11/2015

C. sincorana 'Big Ben' AM 81

Cyrt. chailluana 'April Fools!' HCC 78

Sarco. Dove 'Good' HCC 78

Sarco. Heidi 'Best Pink' HCC 78

Sarco. Judith 'Yvonne' HCC 78

Sarco. Magic 'Dark Heart' AM 84

Sarco. Marion 'Tawny Gold' JC


Hip. macranthum 'Kat' CCM (prov) 85

Rdcdm. (Angel Heart x Spunky) 'Miss Marian' HCC 79

San Joaquin OS Show - 3/20/2015

C. Beautiful Sunset 'Grass Valley' AM 85

Den. Gillian Leaney 'Jocelyn' HCC 78

Den. gracilicaule 'In Situ' HCC 76


Den. Aussie Parade 'Carrot Splash' AM 82

Paph. Voodoo Shadow 'Bob's Beauty' HCC 76

Masd. erinacea 'Beetle Juice' AM 80

Masd. Elven Gem 'Mem. Linda Garbesi' AM 82

Pls. stenostachya 'Itty-Bitty!' CCM 88

Rlc. Doug George 'Pink Parfait' AM 82

Trt. margalefii 'Mexican Beauty' HCC 77


Den. bulbphhylloides 'Yoriko' AM 80

Tblm. woodii 'In Situ' AM 81

Tblm. woodii 'In Situ' CCM 85

Tct. Hsinying Girl 'Raise the Red Lantern' HCC 77



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