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American Orchid Society Awards from the Central Valley of California and Northern Nevada

Paph. Hop Butterscotch 'Leprechuan' AM 82 Paph. Stone Crazy 'Pinot Gris' AM 83

Den. Betty's Bouquet 'Jon' AM 83 Grosourdya muscosa 'In Situ' CBR (prov) Sunipia grandiflora 'In Situ' AM 80

Rlc. Newberry Else Hall 'Grass Valley' HCC 76 Rlc. Sun Spots 'Melencia' AM 82

Paph. concolor 'Garuda' HCC 79 Paph. Dollgoldi 'Susan Davis' HCC 77 Paph. Gloria Naugle 'Monster' FCC 91 Phal.(Liu's Little Yushan x Formosa Cranberry) 'Gold Country' AM 82

Bulb. scaberulum var. scaberulum 'Karen's Oddity' CCM 83 Den. Hibiki 'In Situ' FCC 91 Den. Hibiki 'In Situ' CCM 87 Paph. Lady Rothschild 'Anubis' AM 82
Bulb. scaberulum var. scaberulum 'Karen's Oddity' HCC 78 C. Kiritsubo. Alpine Sky' AM 85 Paph. Pope John Paul 'Norma' HCC 75
Speakers Day - 7/302016

Den. cumulatum 'Banshee' HCC 77 Lc. Twilight Song 'Grass Valley' HCC 78

Lc. Garrett Collins 'Somerset' AM 83 Paph. Franz Glanz 'Minion' HCC 76 Paph. Robinianum 'Somerset' HCC 75 Phal. Liu's Berry 'Oscar Rudolph' HCC 78

Cym. Magic Devon 'Maisie' AM 80 Cym. Leonicia Gayacan Perez 'Jaybee' AM 80 Enc. Borincana 'Dancing Ladies' AM 83 Paph. hennisianum 'Pinot Grigio' HCC 79

Bulb. longissimum 'Joan' FCC 90 Den. Silver King 'Ginny' HCC 78 Educational Exhibit Certificate 92 Gdd. Frank's Gift 'Carolyn Michelle' HCC 76
Lpts. bicolor 'Sheri A.' AM 80 Paph. liemianum 'Malbec' HCC 78 Paph. rothschildianum 'Dark Angel' AM 89 Paph. rothschildianum 'Howard P. Martin' FCC 92
Phal. bastianii 'Joan' CCM 84 Sarco. Charm 'Elizabeth Anne' HCC 77 AOS Show Trophy 84
4/9/2016 Sacramento OS Show

Leptotes bicolor AQ Lpts. bicolor 'Gold Country Orchids' FCC 90 Lpts. bicolor 'Harley Koch' AM 84
Paph. rothschildianum 'Paradise Lost' AM 85 Lpts. bicolor 'Little Ben' AM 85 Sarc. Kulnura Dazzel' AM 82

Phrag. Robert C Silich HCC 78
Tropical Plant Society of Modesto - 4/2/2016

3/18/2016 San Joaquin OS Show - no awards

3/5/2016 Central California OS Show - no awards

Cym. Nicomaine Mendoza 'Jaybee' HCC 78 Den. striolatum 'Erika Garbesi' HCC 79

Dragon's Fire 'Dean's Fire' HCC 79 Cuitlauzina pulchella 'Melencia' AM 80 Cym. Cranberry Velvet 'Tygr Jade' AM 80 Cym. Death Wish 'Julian Brandon' HCC 77 Ddc. wenzelii 'Amy' CCE 98
Med. decoratum 'Party Time' CCE 94 Paph appletonianum 'Joan' AM 82 Paph. appletonianum 'Joan' CCE 87 Paph. Champion's Bliss 'Crianza' HCC 77

Bulb. ankylochele 'Lemon Chiffon' CHM 85 Hip. scortechinii 'In Situ' CCE 92 Oberonia padangensis 'In Situ' CBR (VOID) Paph. fairrieanum 'Nova' AM 82

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